Watermelon beauty trends on Instagram


WATEREMELON BEAUTY is now a big trend on the social media platform Instagram – and it does looks pretty amazing…

Speaking about her own unique red and green beauty looks, makeup artist Ragnhild Skjeldnes said: “Watermelon is my absolute favourite fruit. I can finish a whole watermelon by myself, so my little sister suggested that I should do a makeup look based on it, and I loved the idea.”

Ragnhild decided to draw a watermelon slice around her eye, and it picked up a lot of attention.

Explaining how she achieved the look, Raghnhild said, “I started with one piece of Scotch tape from the outer corner of my eye and placed it with an about 45-degree angle on the eyelid.”

She then did the same step on the inner corner of her eye before applying colour from a lip colour, instead of an eyeshadow. To make the seeds, she drew teardrops with black liquid liner.