Weekly horoscopes – 6 June 2017


Career-related progress is blessed by Venus in more than one way and as inspiring as a professional aspiration might be, it could become clear this week how much you’ll need to knuckle down to make it happen. Determination and consistent effort will be needed but Venus isn’t dangling cruelly the financial rewards on offer. They are very real and can be yours if you’re willing to implement a sensible and realistic strategy based on hard work to achieve them.

It might become clear this week how far you’ve gone from adhering to an attitude along the lines of ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’ to what’s really ‘in it’ for you to continue investing effort in a particular way. A new strategy and possibly a new set of boundaries need to be established between you and a certain person or organization. An arrangement has, for some time, been a bit too one-sided for your liking and you’re being encouraged this week to redress that imbalance.

There’s truth in the saying about each of us being known by the company we keep and the coming week could bring an opportunity – or possibly a need – for you to reassess your interactions and involvement with certain others. If you sense a need to detach yourself from the social scene in order to take realistic stock of what’s strong, balanced and reciprocated in your personal world, then that could be time well spent. If one or two people need to fall by the wayside, then so be it.

You might still be weighing up your options regarding a career move and much of what you’re considering you’re likely keeping to yourself – for now, anyway. It’s also possible you’re having to take into account new methodologies or possibly technologies that a career move will require you to get your head around and have to learn quickly. There could be pressure for you to make a swift decision and you owe it yourself to give this move the thinking time it needs and deserves.

The coming week could bring closure to an ongoing financial matter. If this involves a friend, then it’s possible the two of you can reach an agreement, shake on it and move on, especially if this saga has tarnished your relationship in some way. In any case, some level of healing is on offer through your willingness to take action to bring it. An authority figure might try to intervene or involve themselves but you can keep things strictly between you and a colleague.

You might be aiming your sights higher than you’re used to and this could be happening due to a need to do so rather than wanting to. However, if you haven’t yet seen what boosting your ambitions and reaching a bit higher have brought so far, then the coming week could be an eye-opener. This is particularly true for Virgos keen to remove themselves from a rut or who understand the path of least resistance can lead to mediocrity. Get ready to set a new precedent for yourself!

Push might come to shove this week but in a way you’ll likely be grateful for rather than resent. In fact, taking action – or possibly a stance – you’ve been wanting to take for some time might need events like those the sky insists are unfolding in your world this week to help you step across a line you’ve vowed to stay behind for reasons for your own. Try to connect with a sense of adventurous making its way to you. It could lead to independence you’ve wanted for some time.

If you’re typical of your sign, then you know a thing or two about stubbornness. Even if you believe you’re not a typical Scorpio, then events this week could remind you of what occurs when you choose to be unyielding. However, your approach to a situation needn’t involve obstinacy. There are ways your stubbornness could work in your favour if you’re willing to channel it toward being determined and persistent to bring a result that benefits you and someone else. Your tenacity might be all that’s needed.

Your adventurous nature needs to be connected with your inquisitive nature this week. It’s possible to form more than one intriguing friendship or close bond but this will require you to ask questions that fall outside those you feel comfortable or ‘safe’ asking. If a true meeting of minds is to occur, then you’ll need to take conversations down less predictable avenues. If you’re willing to remove yourself from a safe conversational comfort zone, then the week could be a memorable – and pivotal – one.

The coming week offers a chance for you to become more focused professionally than you have been in recent weeks. Through no fault of your own, you’ve had to assess numerous options in order to determine where your time, effort and talents are best focused. This has probably relied on input or guidance from someone else. Now, you can expect to see clearly what’s required and the more you focus on options that offer the greatest sense of achievement and reward, the happier you’ll be.

Asking yourself what you have to lose by taking a particular risk might be a natural question to ask. However, it appears the likelihood of gains will far outweigh losses if you’re willing to remove yourself from a comfort zone, cross a line or take a brave step you’ve likely been considering for some time. The coming week brings a boost to your confidence that will be needed to not only encourage you to take action but will also boost your ability to persuade or convince others significantly.

The sky speaks of a significant development occurring in your area of ‘foundations’ and this is likely to involve home-related changes or improvements. Something connected with home, family or someone with whom you share your abode is shifting and in a way that promises more comfort, harmony and security. Your domestic set-up is about to become happier or even more peaceful, bringing the end of one era and the start of another.