All-day breakfast… that could last all-day

GUTBUSTER: The impossible challenge. Photo credit: Yahoo

A CAFÉ in Bristol has added a breakfast eating challenge to its menu so large that people must sign a waiver before undertaking it.

If a customer manages to clean the plate of an 8,000 calorie, 59-item fry-up you get a trophy, a key ring and a special T-shirt.

As an added incentive, it will be free and the café will donate £50 to a charity of your choice.

The gut-busting breakfast is the brainchild of The Corner Café in Portishead, which is challenging people to give the full English their best shot.

Six is the magic number for these sadistic chefs as the plate is filled with six bacon rashers, six sausages, six eggs, six black puddings and six hash browns.

The monstrous meal also comes with two three-egg omelettes and four portions each of fried potatoes and fried mushrooms.

It also has four onion rings, four slices of toast, two portions of stewed tomatoes, two portions baked beans, two slices fried bread and half a grilled tomato.

And if that was not all, there’s a bowl of chips and a full pint of milkshake to tackle too, just to help it all go down.

Those ordering the Monster Mega Challenge are required to sign a waiver, to take full responsibility for their eating binge.

Café manager Lucy Butler revealed how many had taken on the brekkie and the fact that you only have an hour to munch you way through it all.

She said: “We’ve had 191 customers in the past two years [who have taken on the challenge]. The last one was about two weeks ago, when we had a man fly over from the Czech Republic last month. He only had a few bites left too, but couldn’t break past ‘the wall’.”

Café owner Jim, was impressed with the Central European’s efforts.

Jim enthused: “He was from one of those eating clubs and he really went at it.”

Jim gave the full details of the challenge: “You get the £15 cost of the breakfast refunded and we will donate £50 to a charity of your choice. There is also a trophy, a key ring and a t-shirt to celebrate your achievement.”

Hitting the wall seems to be the tale of everyone that has taken up the challenge as, so far, no-one has managed to actually crack it and clear their plate.

Lucy believes that they have got their strategy wrong so far and that the chips could be key.

She said: “Chips are left a lot, maybe that’s where they go wrong – that’s where they should begin. Most rest for ten minutes then get back to it but nobody has completed it yet.”

The idea of bringing this monster breakfast to market was inspired by American reality TV show Man v. Food, and it weighs in at a whopping nine pounds.