Clean bill of health for Almeria beaches


IT’S great news for beachgoers this summer as Spain’s beaches are hailed as some of the best in the world.

Two independent sources have both proclaimed Spain to be the home of the most beautiful sandy getaways in the world.

Blue Flag International, a Denmark-based foundation, analyses bathing areas and awards a Blue Flag status based on factors like sanitary conditions, accessibility, safety and lifeguard availability.

Spain was first place, with 579 sites, including Almeria, deemed to be excellent.

Blue Flag seasons runs from 23 Jun – 04 Sep, covering the summer months.

Concurrently, a report on European bathing water quality in 2016, compiled by the European Environment Agency, also gave a clean bill of health for Almeria’s beaches with all of them meeting the ‘excellent’ criteria.

Across Spain, 1,732 areas of coastal bathing areas (88.9 percent) also met the ‘excellent’ criteria, with 121 inland bathing areas (or 50 percent) also achieving high marks.