Gym injuries on the up


ALMOST half of Brits have injured themselves in a desperate bid to shed the pounds for summer, according to a new report.

New research has revealed more than one in ten Brits have sought medical attention for an exercise related problem.

And with millions of people hitting the gym to get ‘beach body’ ready – the study has revealed almost half the nation (41 percent) have suffered a “gym-jury” in their quest for the perfect physique.

In fact, 12 percent have seen the doctor or visited A&E at least once after a work-out went wrong – with one in twenty now visiting a physio or chiropractor after developing long term exercise related injuries.

The study by personal injury solicitors, Hayward Baker, found that when it comes to their health, one in twenty British adults admit they don’t know how to use gym equipment correctly suggesting that they might never have been shown at the time of signing up for their membership.

Worryingly, 38 percent claim they never bother to warm-up before exercising, going against the expert advice from their gym or PT.

A spokesperson for Hayward Baker, said: “This is the time of year that everyone panics and tries to lose weight and get in shape for summer.  These stats prove losing weight is a recipe for disaster and that injuries and accidents can happen. It’s vital you understand how all the equipment work and that you know your limits.”

According to the report, 45 percent of all British adults are hitting the gym or exercising in a bid to get shape for their summer holiday, with one in 10 claiming they are undergoing a vigorous fitness regime in order to shift the pounds in time.

The survey of more than 1,500 adults found working in the gym was the most popular way to exercise, followed by power walking and swimming.

One in five are cycling in the hope of losing weight and ten percent are relying on football to fight the flab.

A more serene 11 percent are hoping regular yoga sessions will leave them toned in time for their annual holiday.

The study showed the most common injury Brits inflict on themselves is a sprained ankle (21 percent), but 18 percent struggle with a back-problem due to badly executed exercise.

16 percent have broken either their arm, leg or hand after sport or physical activity – and worryingly one in ten claim to suffer from chest pain and five percent have slipped a disc.

The survey was commissioned as many gym members do not know that, if a gym-injury or accident occurred in a leisure facility, the management could be liable to prosecution following a claim as it’s their responsibility to reduce the risks.