Horoscopes – 21 July 2017



A question you might ask yourself this week surrounds how much more of a certain situation or arrangement you’re prepared to tolerate. The sky implies your tolerance levels could actually be quite high which bodes well where your reaction or response to a certain development this week is concerned. You know a right way and a wrong way exists in terms of how you choose to react or respond. If you can keep emotions out of the equation, then all will be fine.


This week, rather than focus on what you believe is missing, focus instead on what you do have that can be nurtured and allowed to grow. If given a chance to grow, then it will. However, you could feel it’s best to react defensively or cautiously in the belief you’re protecting yourself by doing so. This is stifling a process that needs you to be more accommodating and trusting. Relax and give what’s trying to make its way into your world a proper chance to do so.


The coming week could bring a need for you to make a conscious decision in a particular area. This surrounds whether you’re prepared to be a leader or a follower. You could find yourself caught up in someone else’s enthusiasm and allow them to take the reins with something that you ought to be in the driving seat with. To see a situation or arrangement in the right perspective, you need to stand back from it. Be willing to trust your own judgment about what you should be doing and don’t be influenced by someone else’s thoughts on the matter.


Artists know when to walk away from a masterpiece. As tempting as it might be to add another dab of paint, they reach a point where they know enough is enough and further adding more will risk ruining what they’ve worked hard to create. Similarly, this week, you need to be aware of how you must cease ‘adding’ to something that needs to be accepted for what it is. This might take the form of a harsh realization but it’s important to be accepting of what is truly finished.


In an area of your world, there’s more going on within it than meets the eye. A need exists for you to get to the root of a certain matter and, to do this, you’re going to have to accept your part in making it unnecessarily complex. Bringing it into the open and exposing it in a necessary way will require you to face an uncomfortable fact. However, it’s by acknowledging and addressing what’s less than desirable that you can bring about a swift, helpful and timely improvement.


Even when we find our trust has been misplaced, that doesn’t mean we’re untrusting forever. One breach needn’t mean we’ve learned a lesson that causes us to refrain from being trusting ever again. You might have felt you were let down or disappointed recently by someone whom you expected more support from. The coming week could highlight how a situation was beyond their control in some way but a chance exists for trust in them to be restored.


We resent feeling like we’re returning to Square One with a plan that seemed to be ticking along nicely. This week, it’s possible you could experience such a feeling. However, rather than believe you’ve made an error of judgment, see the need to start again as the helpful position you’re being put in. Like Bill Murray’s character in the film, ‘Groundhog Day’, you’re gaining excellent insight into how repetition is actually helping you understand a process and make a clever move based on accurate understanding of when the right time is to make it!


When we find ourselves caught in a huge crowd all pushing to go one direction, we find the experience to be a daunting if not frightening one. Even if we accept we’re being pushed the very direction we wanted to go in, we resent the way it’s being done in an uncontrolled way. This week, you might feel you have no control over a direction you’re being pushed toward, even if it is one you wanted to go in. If you can be calm and keep fear at bay, then you’ll find yourself in a place you wanted to be, even if arriving there wasn’t in the comfortable way you had planned!


Most rebels have a cause. Few of us choose to be rebellious for the sake of it. We can’t just oppose everything in our world because there is much we do agree with and need to be supportive of. This week, your rebellious side could manifest but rather than allow it to fuel opposition to something asked or demanded of you, look for a way that can actually bring an improvement to a situation or arrangement. Being rebellious might send a clear message to a certain person that you want to bring a change but see this as a necessary step forward.


There has been much debate for some time about why we choose to do good deeds to others. Do we do so to make them feel better or to make ourselves feel better? Does it matter? If, by doing something to help someone or make their world a brighter place we feel better as a result, then is that not a valid enough reason to make the effort, given that everyone benefits? You have a chance to bring a delightful improvement to someone’s world this week. Regardless of your reasons for doing so, just do so!


Action causes a reaction. If we invest effort in a particular way, then the laws of science dictate a response will be forthcoming. However, we can sometimes be a bit fussy about what response we expect and what we receive. This week, a response to effort made in a particular way recently could take the form of criticism. That’s not what you wanted or expected to hear but rather than react defensively, look closely for the nugget of helpful insight it provides. With the right attitude, you can see how the reaction to your actions is a very positive and helpful one.


Your intuition is active 24/7. It’s always available for you to connect with and tap into and very rarely, if ever, lets you down. During your lifetime, you’ve hopefully learned to trust it and have experienced enough instances to confirm it is worth trusting. So, with all that in mind, be willing to trust your instincts in a particular way this week. You might believe you’re viewing a certain situation inaccurately. That’s why you shouldn’t trust your eyes this week. Trust what your inner voice is telling you instead.