Pot luck for Guardia Civil in Nijar!


AN ENORMOUS cannabis plantation including more than 3,000 plants has been discovered in a run-down unit on the Los Grillos industrial estate in Nijar.

A 30-year-old man was arrested and charged with growing and distributing drugs, illegally tapping into the public electricity supply and animal mistreatment.

The extensive indoor farm is the largest found in the province in recent years, and police were initially alerted after spotting two men entering the apparently abandoned unit.

After watching several people come and go, a search warrant was obtained, but when officers approached the unit they saw a man run inside before pointing a shotgun at them through a broken window.

The police responded by drawing their own guns and entering the building, at which point the gun-wielding individual surrendered.

In addition to an elaborate ventilation system designed to reduce the smell, investigators found a large dog chained up and semi-starving.

Further arrests have not been ruled out.