Summer season hits a high in Almeria


THE Culture, Tourism and Sports delegate for Andalucia, Alfredo Valdivia, has released projections suggesting a record tourist boom for Almeria this summer.

Hoteliers in the province are already reporting a 2 percent increase in summer hotel stays.

Hotels are also estimating that for July and August, occupancy will vary between 75 to record highs of 90 percent across Almeria including the capital.

Restaurateurs have likewise noted that there has already been an increase of 10 percent in the number of reservations they’ve received compared to 2016.

The forecasts confirm a consistently upward tourist trend for the province in 2017.

From January to May, 322,842 passengers passed through Almeria airport, a 2.4 percent increase on 2016. Additionally, in the same period, a total of 114,012 travellers have stayed in hotel establishments in Almeria, 11.3 percent more than last year.

Overnight stays also rose to 219,581, an increase of 17.5 percent on the previous year.

Valdivia believes that competitive prices are the primary explanation for the surge, as is the reduction in high-priced seasonal rates for hotels and travel.

An improvement in the frequency of flights to Andalucia, and in particular Almeria, has also given a boost to tourism numbers.

He reiterated the commitment of the Andalucian government to strengthen tourism given that the industry forms two-thirds of businesses in the region.

The Board plans further steps including specific marketing actions to ensure tourist numbers increase and that visitors keep coming back.

Alfredo Valdivia said that it’s vital the results continue so they’ll promote business, growth and stability which benefits the region and Almeria.