Almeria worst municipality for transparency in Spain


ALMERIA has failed an openness and transparency rating conducted by Transparency International Spain.

This sixth edition of TIS (2017) assesses the transparency of the 110 largest municipalities in Spain with an integrated set of 80 indicators.

Of 110 evaluated localities, Almeria came last with a score of 40.6 out of an available 100 percent. While 25 scored 100, Almeria was twinned with Mijas and Telde with less than 50 in the last three places. El Ejido came in at 102 with a score of 70.5 as did Roquetas de Mar at 58 with 93.8.

Some of the areas evaluated include economic and financial transparency, website and relations with citizens, transparency in contracting agreements and public works as well as access to information.

The Transparency Indexes prepared and published by TIS are specifically aimed at measuring the level of transparency of the public institutions, but do not measure any level of alleged corruption.

Despite this, the score will undoubtedly make for difficult reading for politicians across Spain who have struggled with the perception of corruption with repeated scandals in recent years.

Between July 2015 and the end of 2016, almost 1,500 people in Spain faced trial for corruption, and around 70 percent of them were found guilty.