Horoscopes – 11 August 2017



You don’t claim to have all the answers – or at least, hopefully, you don’t! It’s by accepting what you don’t know or understand this week that the greatest progress can be made. This could involve you accepting a shortfall of knowledge within yourself. It might involve you making this clear to someone else. In any case, a valuable learning curve of some kind is about to present itself. The key to maximizing its potential involves saying those three words that so many people struggle to say: ‘I don’t know’.


You might feel unsupported or possibly misunderstood where an aspiration close to your heart is concerned. Some might say you’re taking the pursuit of a plan too seriously or reacting to a false sense of urgency. Such comments and insights aren’t helpful, regardless of how well-intended they are. You have a plan that meets specific criteria in your mind. You’re focused on achieving it because of the material and financial benefits it brings. This week, a significant stride gets made where your quest for a greater sense of comfort and security is concerned.


This week, try not to make assumptions about others being on the same page as you where a shared plan is concerned. You might have numerous reasons to believe that enough ideas have been shared or discussed and a way ahead is straightforward. You could discover that isn’t the case and feel inclined to roll your eyes when further discussion or clarification is required. This, as you’ll see, is more helpful than unhelpful and will be integral to ensuring a plan’s success.


Love and money are linked in a curious way and the coming week could see you take the reins where both are concerned to steer both toward more fulfilling and comfortable destinations. Try not to be resentful of tension or ways in which emotions find their way into discussions surrounding affairs of the heart and your bank balance. This week marks the start of a process intended to transform both areas. All you need to do is be accepting of what needs to change and take a small step to bring it.


Whatever log jam has existed in an area of your world recently looks set to shift from this week. Where you might have grown used to a certain restriction or frustrating need to apply patience over and above what you believed to be necessary, a red light looks set to turn green. Try to be aware of how much harder you’ve had to work recently to convey ideas to gain others’ support because, this week, you could find far less effort and far fewer words are needed.


There are numerous benefits to you this week of adopting a ‘right here, right now’ attitude. As keen as you might be to ensure something is put in place immediately that will facilitate a happier and brighter tomorrow, something happening in the present needs the most attention. Don’t try to hasten a process unfolding in its own way and time. Despite how results and progress you wish were more encouraging or visible appear in the far-off distance, it’s important you trust you are in the throes of a very positive and transformative process.


You’re being granted a helpful and timely glimpse into the future. You’re being allowed to see a brief snapshot of what a certain situation could be if you’re prepared to trust the vision you’re presented with. Of course, trusting it means taking sensible steps to turn it from being a vision into something real. However, what you see should be enough to help you find the motivation to do that. Allow yourself to be tantalized and intrigued by a possibility. It’s being presented to you in the hope you will recognize its potential and seize it.


You know what you’re ‘made of’. I’m not referring to your biological composition. I’m talking about your abilities, capabilities and, particularly, your talents. However, in terms of making others aware of what you can do, you’re a bit like a classic Rolls Royce stored away in a dusty garage. It’s becoming increasingly important, particularly to you, that others are aware of talents you possess. This week might not bring instant recognition but it does promise the commencement of a process that intends to bring you well-deserved appreciation and recognition.


If we want respect, then we often have to command it. However, there are right and wrong ways of doing so. Respect can’t be assumed, it has to be earned and in our efforts to earn it, we can sometimes be a bit too determined or heavy-handed. That’s something to bear in mind this week. It is very much within your ability to gain support from others where you want and need it. However, to attain it, you’re going to have to lead by example and this should involve a very subtle strategy. Show others what you can do and what you need them to. A gentle approach will bring the results you need.


Sometimes, if we believe ourselves to be lost on a journey, it helps to stop and take stock of where we are or where we think we are. Other times, it’s more helpful to keep going a particular direction we believe to be the right one in the belief it’s only a matter of time before a sign appears to confirm we were on the right track after all. Where you have been ‘feeling your way’ into a sensitive situation, this week brings a sign that you’re on very much the right road!


You might discover a new and strong gust of wind in your sails as something you’ve struggled to accomplish or possibly make sense of becomes noticeably easier. This probably has much to do with certain people or possibly one person in particular providing support in ways you haven’t received it so far. You’re not as alone with a quest as you’ve believed yourself to be. You deserve more support than you’ve had available and that something the sky insists is coming.


This week, you’re being encouraged to consider how and why something in your world needs to be as perfect or as close to perfection as you’re determined to make it. This might have something to do with a belief on your part that, if something is to be done and done properly, then it must be done by you. Yet, your quest for perfection could cause you to take on responsibilities that ought to be shared. Your quest for perfection is admirable and understandable. However, something being just a little ‘less perfect’ might just be good enough!