Mojácar full to rafters for candlelit night

CANDLELIGHT MAGIC: The town was lit up to create a magical evening. Photo credit:

FOR the sixth year running, Mojacar has held a “Candlelit Night”.

Although impossible to put a figure on numbers, party revellers in Mojacar’s Old Town most certainly amassed to more than expected.

Despite a fleet of nine buses and reinforcement of three more, queues were still building with the bus company accounting for more than 16,000 – a tremendous turnout.  Throngs of taxis, motorcycles and cars could also be seen and parking was, unsurprisingly, almost impossible from 8 p.m. onwards.

Safe to say then, that numbers of attendees could easily have amounted to 19,000 in the Old Town, all of whom were enjoying a most magical evening.

The night began at 10pm with a complete blackout as public lights were switched off in houses and shops allowing only for the mellow serenity of candlelight.

Organisers from the town council and Mojacar Pueblo Merchants Association, purchased more than 6,000 candles and 1,000 torches to supplement those already in restaurants, shops and private homes.

As the evening progressed, restaurants and bars quickly filled up. There was a fabulous buzz from the evening’s open air concerts and the colourful excitement of street entertainers juggling with fire or the eight telescopes to observe the full moon and shooting stars, all made it an unmissable night.