PP calls for integrated fibromyalgia treatment in Almeria


THE Popular Party of Almeria has raised concerns that the Andalucian Government has not met its own integrated care process first put forward twelve years ago.

The PP Almeria speaker in Parliament, Carmen Crespo, said that in September they will ask President Susana Diaz to improve the health care of more than 17,000 patients with fibromyalgia in the province, and of 240,000 patients overall in Andalucia.

The PP has registered a non-binding proposal in Parliament which will ask the Board to “strengthen the implementation of the Integrated Care Process, approved by the Ministry of Health in 2005.”

It also asks the Board to “continue pushing the formation of multidisciplinary teams to care for people with fibromyalgia, to ensure continuity of care between the levels of hospital care and health centres.”

Crespo explains that 12 years ago, the Ministry of Health presented a document called the Integrated Assistance Process that sought to respond to the expectations of people with fibromyalgia, but it has, according to the PP, never been implemented.

The PP MP explains that there are currently no curative treatments for fibromyalgia and that the most important is a firm diagnosis in which the presence of other possible diseases with similar symptoms is ruled out and adequate information from the professionals.

She adds that the Board has full responsibility for the health care of the 17,000 people in Almeria who suffer from the disease.