Small additions to rejuvenate a kitchen

TURN IT ON: A new tap can be a focal point. Photo credit: Flickr

WHO wouldn’t want a kitchen customised to meet their specific tastes and needs?

A complete kitchen renovation can cost a few thousand euros, but you don’t have to spend a bundle to achieve a custom effect. A few modest investments can help make your kitchen work well and look great.

Completely replacing cabinets can be costly, but it’s possible to create a custom look with the cabinets you already have.

  • Paint cabinets a trendy colour, like dark blue. Or, paint one set of cabinets, such as those under an island, a different colour.
  • Remove the doors from one cupboard to create an open effect where you can display prized showpieces. Further accent the look by painting the back of the cupboard a contrasting colour.
  • Replace dated or dull hardware with drawer pulls and knobs that speak to your personal design tastes. For example, if you love a vintage look, replace metal hardware with glass or ceramic knobs.

Cabinets aren’t the only “jewellery” in the kitchen. The tap can also be a design focal point that looks as good as it works. If yours is old, basic or just not to your taste, replacing the kitchen tap with a newer model that speaks to your style can help affordably reinvent the entire room. Plus, a new and modern tap can provide functions and features that will make your kitchen more usable.

Good lighting is essential for a kitchen to function well, but it’s common for kitchens to have just one overhead light and maybe a pendant or two over a breakfast bar. Replacing dated fixtures with newer ones that suit your personal style is easy, but what can you do if you want more light without the expense of paying someone to install additional wiring?

  • Replace a standard ceiling light with track lights. They require no additional wiring and you can position lights along the track to put illumination where you want it.
  • Install under-cabinet lights that can easily plug into an existing counter-level electrical outlet.
  • Place a swing-arm task lamp over work areas, so you can aim light where you need it most while working. The lamp can easily plug into a wall outlet.

Customising a kitchen doesn’t have to be costly or require you to sacrifice any functionality. With a few smart updates, you can cost-effectively create the personalised kitchen of your dreams.