Stay safe in the summer sun


SUMMER will end this year with a bout of misery for all of us in Spain. It’s not that the hot weather is bad, it’s just beyond all human tolerance.

Every year, scores die of heat-related complicated and countless more are affected by heat cramps, heat rash and heat stroke.

What’s to do be done?

The most obvious thing to say is stay inside in the cold air as much as possible. Ensure your home is well-ventilated but only if the outside is cooler than the inside.

Drink water

It’s recommended you drink two to four glasses of water an hour in hot weather. You’ll be sweating profusely and dehydration is the biggest source of issues in intense heat, particularly when your day doesn’t change but the temperature rises.

Wear loose or cool clothing

Natural fabrics like linen and cotton absorb sweat. They also allow the skin to breathe.

Finally, know your symptoms

Life doesn’t stop, which makes it more important than ever to know when you’re thirsty.

Symptoms of a headache and tiredness are a surefire sign that you’re beginning to suffer, and if it’s not kept in check, it could lead to heat exhaustion and heatstroke and even a fatality.

Be careful, and enjoy the final weeks of summer!