Think garden think colour


A STUNNING garden is a great investment for you and your family to enjoy while adding value to your home. Gardening is a great pastime and is good for your health and wellbeing while adding a pleasant area to your home for enjoyment.

Traditional cottage style plants or perennials are exciting plants which bring an abundance of flowers to gardens for all seasons.

Many gardeners consider perennials hard work but this isn’t necessarily true as all plants respond to regular maintenance.

Many perennials need a small amount of attention throughout the year and they respond by giving you a beautiful floral/foliage display. We have helpful notes about the care of all our plants that we promote to help every gardener.

Planting a garden is great for the environment and can encourage nature back into your backyard.

Birds and butterflies are attracted to a garden with flowering plants and you would be surprised who might drop in. Planting a perennial border gives you traditional charm whilst giving the birds a great place to nest.

Many perennials are also wonderful for their scented flowers or foliage and also make beautiful cut flowers in the home.

When considering new plantings or designing new garden beds, colour can certainly be important. Gardeners often mix and match different colours to achieve a certain feel or look. The individual colours themselves are not so important, but how those colours are used together.

Similar colours planted together can achieve a sense of harmony and can result in a soothing feel to the garden.

Contrasting colours can be dramatic and can create a sense of drama.

It is also worth considering the colour of your house or fence when selecting the colours for your garden.

Decide on an overall colour before selecting your plants. It is also important to know the growing conditions of your garden and also the eventual height and shape your new plants will attain.

Container gardening is becoming more popular due to many people having smaller gardens.

Many perennials have become increasing popular on balconies, patios or courtyards in containers giving a splash of colour.

Combination plantings are where several plants are chosen suiting the same sun or shady position, one growing taller and the other spilling over the pot.

These combination plantings are very rewarding and can be changed at any time. This gives your outdoor room a place to take pleasure in with family and friends.