Think twice about air-conditioning

UNHEALTHY: Some people suffer from too much air-con exposure. Photo credit: Wikimedia

THERE is no doubt that people across Spain have suffered more than most from the heat this summer, and there’s still a few weeks left at least of the high temperatures.

September, in 2014, had the country’s hottest day of that year, so don’t start thinking about getting those sweaters and duvets out just yet.

How many times have we heard people say: “Can’t wait to get home and put the air-con on!”?  Great idea on the surface, but for some, it can be doing more harm than good.”

Fatigue and headaches usually become chronic for those who chose to sit under the air conditioner for a long time. Also, working or living in a constantly air-cooled room could make you experience constant mucous membrane irritation, along with breathing difficulties.

Another major issue associated with the air conditioning is the dry air. Those who spend hours and hours in the air conditioned environment will feel the effects on their skin and eyes. Speaking about the eyes, everyone should know that one can easily experience dry-eye syndrome by staying in an air-conditioned area. Also, one`s skin loses its moisture level, and starts breaking down.

If you already have a chronic disease of any kind (especially respiratory system), you should be advised to stay away from the air-conditioned areas for one main reason: they will enhance the effects of your illness. Air conditioning systems are known to increase the symptoms of low blood pressure, arthritis and neuritis.

Spending a lot of time in the air-conditioned are can reduce the body’s tolerance to heat, which will make a person dependent on the air conditioning system, which will then make the person suffer from all the issued previously mentioned. Moving from a hot area inside into a cool environment can cause the body to suffer from stress.