Almeria’s PSOE nominees submit bids


THE three biggest contenders in the provincial Almeria election for PSOE have filed formal leadership applications.

José Luis Sánchez Teruel, Juan Carlos Pérez Navas and Antonio López Olmo have each begun their campaign for the Secretary-General of PSOE in Almería.

The provincial grouping has verified that each candidate has passed the required 20 percent level of support in the first primary to compete in the process.

José Luis Sánchez Teruel obtained 2,092 votes, Juan Carlos Pérez Navas 1,129 and Antonio López Olmo received 1,039.

The deadline is September 20th by which time all three men will be official candidates for the election. The campaign will take place between September 21 and 30, and the vote will be on Sunday, October 1.