Argentine artist to donate sculpture to Carboneras

LOCAL LEGEND: Julio Le Patrc (left) and town mayor Salvador Hernandez. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Carboneras

THE Argentine sculptor and painter Julio Le Parc will donate a sculpture to Carboneras. The artist, based in France, will pay tribute to the town that he’s been visiting and living for 50 years.

The project that is under development and has the support of the City Council and mayor, Salvador Hernandez. Both men met before the sculptor’s return to France to confirm the details of the sculpture.

During the meeting, Le Parc said that “the sculpture will live up to what the people of Carboneras deserve. A work full of light and movement, an essential part of my works “.

“This is my small tribute to this locality where I have been enjoying its tranquillity, sea and beauty for more than 50 years. My latest works want them to be in public spaces and appreciated by the largest number of people, “he added.

Julio Le Parc is considered one of the great names of contemporary art of the twentieth century, and his extensive work uses a variety of materials, styles, techniques and disciplines. The artist first arrived Carboneras in 1966 whereafter he acquired a small lot near the fishing port of the town and has been a summer regular since.