Cuevas wants to become a Europe Direct information centre

Cuevas del Almanzora

THE Town Council of Cuevas del Almanzora has applied to join the Europe Direct information centre network of the European Commission.

The centres aim to meet the needs and concerns of European citizens, and it is hoped the application can be implemented within the municipality in two years (2018-2020).

Mayor Antonio Férnandez Liria explained the decision to apply, saying: ”We want Cuevas del Almanzora to adopt an intelligent and efficient management system. With it we intend to collect the needs and concerns of the citizens, as indicated in our Strategic and Integral Plan of the municipality. ”

The Europe Direct centre would establish multiple outreach activities, training programs, workshops, legal advice and technical assistance as well as holding commemorative events. The information centres have qualified staff who maintain direct contact with the citizens and inform and answer questions on all kinds of European issues.

The proposal forms part of the Town Hall’s Strategic Plan 2016-2025 to guarantee access to the activities that are developed through the Information Centre Europe Direct.