Dried fruit and its medicinal benefits


DRIED fruit is easy to find, easy to eat on the go and is good for you but many don’t realise their full benefits and how eating certain dried fruit can help treat every day ailments such as…

Osteoporosis: Raisins
They are a rich source of boron, a mineral known to reduce bone loss.

Fatigue: Dates
A great alternative to sugary snacks, dates have a low glycaemic index (GI), releasing energy steadily.

Gout: Dried cherries
The anthoycyanins in cherries may be beneficial for a range of inflammatory-related conditions, including arthritis, gout and muscle soreness experienced after exercising. Researched recommend half a cup of dried cherries twice a day for them to be effective.

Constipation: Prunes
Six prunes twice a day proved better at easing constipation than a laxative in a recent study.

Anaemia: Figs
Four dried figs supply a quarter of the recommended daily allowance of iron which helps prevent anaemia, making them a diet essential for vegetarians. East with oranges to take full advantage as vitamin C helps improve the iron your body absorbs.

High blood pressure: Apricots
Dried apricots have more than three times the potassium content of bananas and lower salt content which is good for keeping down blood pressure.