Eight people arrested at the border post of the port of Almeria

ALMERIA: Panoramic cityscape - view from the Alcazaba

AGENTS of the National Border Police in the port of Almeria have arrested eight people during this last week.

One of the suspects had a charge-pending from the Court of Instruction for sexual aggression since April.

Agents checked the departure of passengers to Nador (Morocco) on the vessel Nissos Chios and proceeded to identify the 33-year-old man who is of Moroccan nationality. He was immediately arrested and placed at the disposal of the authorities.

The other seven detainees have been located in the port trying to leave the area. Three of the suspects were discovered by agents and police dogs underneath a bus about to enter the vessel Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from Nador (Morocco).

Four further people were intercepted ships coming from Melilla and Nador.