Herb gardens

GOING GREEN: A Mediterranean herb garden

PLANTING an herb garden is not only a great way to create a lush oasis in your back or front yard, but also an easy way to season your cooking or make home remedies.

Most herbs produce interesting foliage which can grow quite large over the course of a couple seasons.

To maintain your garden and get the best growth out of your plants, follow these tips for herb gardening for beginners.


Planting an herb garden

Growing an herb garden starts by correctly plotting out where to plant the herbs. It’s important that they’re positioned to receive the appropriate amount of water and sunlight. Additionally, you want to ensure they have enough room to grow.

Herbs thrive in lots of sunlight, so be sure you plant them in an area that receives full sun, meaning sun throughout the day. The only exception here is if you live in a particularly hot, sunny environment. In that case, some afternoon shade can help protect them from scorching and drying out.

You’ll get the biggest and best results if you plant your herb garden directly in the ground. This gives the roots plenty of room to grow and draw nutrients. But, potted herbs can also be a success. Just be sure to use a large pot for the best results. Mint is one herb that’s best kept in a pot. It’s rampant in its growth and can take over an entire garden if planted directly in the soil.

Position the herbs at least two to three feet away from each other to allow them maximum space to grow.

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