Mayor of Huercal-Overa meets the people

A MAYOR WHO CARES: Sr Fernandez meets his citizens. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Huercal-Overa

THE Mayor of Huercal-Overa, Domingo Fernandez, is meeting with residents to greater understand their needs and concerns while removing the need for them to travel to the Town Hall.

Fernandez says of the meetings that “our neighbours are the pillar and the base of our people and personally I am listening to them in their districts, thus avoiding having to travel to the Town Hall.”

He reflected that the main concerns that he has heard about are “related to their streets, roads and asphalt” and “issues of road maintenance.” Fernandez added that through the meetings, “we have the opportunity to know problems on the spot and make an initial assessment so that as to propose solutions.”

The Mayor remembers residents that the doors of the Mayor’s office are always open. “The Mayor in your village” began on Tuesday, April 25 and has already reached El Saltador, Úrcal, Los Menas, Pilar, La Concepción, San Francisco, Nieva, Almajalejo, Las Norias, El Gor and La Hoya.

The next appointments are September 27 in El Puertecico, 4 October Rambla Grande and 11 October Las Minas.