One small act of kindness


WRITING for media since the 1980s I am still clueless as to the news content strategy used by newspaper publishers to harvest more readers.

Seeming obsessed with trivia I look in vain for a story that makes one feel good about being a human being.

Yet, when such a story is published the readers are quick to voice their approval. I think on balance the EWN Media Group has the right ingredients.

When a Los Angeles cop, acting outside the line of duty, helped a woman in distress, the story went viral in social media. Bystanders took pictures of the kind-hearted officer and posted them on Facebook. His small act of kindness touched and inspired thousands. The post was shared almost 14,000 times in under 24 hours.

Police Officer Danny Antillon responded to a call after it was reported that a woman was acting strangely. Upon approaching the woman, who was sitting on a street seat, he noticed that she was disabled. His frown darkened as he noticed also that she was shoeless.

Asking her where her shoes were she told the officer that someone had stolen them from her. Penniless, and having already walked a mile until the pain in her feet became unbearable, she took the seat.

The officer did not charge the woman with vagrancy, which is the kind of story that usually catches the attention of the news desk. Across the road was The Goodwill Store. Using his own money he purchased shoes for the unfortunate woman. He also bought her a jacket, a bottle of water, and acquired a bus pass to get her home.

The act of kindness reached his department only because another officer who witnessed the scene let the police department know of his charity.

Every day we face challenges and choices. I believe that fate or your God carefully notes your response. It is my belief also that conscience is the whispering of God in our ears.

On this occasion, a thief had stolen the crippled woman´s shoes; a police officer had replaced them. He had also negated another man´s sin, warmed the hearts of millions, and provided a lesson for us all. He did more for her than just give her a few basic necessities. By his caring actions, he showed her that she’s never alone.

Police Officer Danny Antillon made me and millions of others feel good about ourselves. It is important that by our small acts of charity we feel good about ourselves. Yes, giving is far more rewarding than taking.

If the officer’s actions had gone unnoticed we can be certain that someone did. One day, he will meet that someone and his kindness will be rewarded