Record August rainfall in Almeria

Right as rain! Photo credit: Robert Green/Facebook

MORE rain fell in Almeria last week than in the previous 50 months of August combined.

An average of 50 litres of water per square metre was recorded, with climate analysts celebrating the boost for local dams and aquifiers after a period of extended drought.

The downpour was so strong that state meteorological agency AEMET issued an orange weather warning across much of the province on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a yellow alert in place in other areas.

Prior to the unusual event the most water that had fallen during August since 1968 was 5.2 litres per square metre on August 30 in 2013 and 3.6 litres on August 4 and 28 in 1981.

But on Tuesday 18.3 litres per square metre was recorded and this was bettered on Wednesday with 29.7 litres per square metre.

Farmers have said that the rain was extremely welcome and has not damaged crops while allowing collection of water for irrigation.

The Irrigation Federation of Almeria issued a statement which said that although the water deficit remains a problem, the unseasonal weather at least “offers hope of a hydrological cycle that is normal and not like the last year.”