Teens in Almeria struggle with tech addiction


NEW research from the global research firm GfK has revealed that a third of people (34 percent) in 17 different countries “find it difficult to take a break from technology, even when I know I should”.

Broken down by country, the data shows that 27 percent of Spaniards said that they find it difficult to take a break, with 21 percent saying that there was no issue.

Teenagers (15-19-year-olds) are the most likely to struggle with technology addiction. Just under a half (44 percent) say that they find it difficult to take a ‘tech break’ as do 41 percent for those in their twenties and 38 percent of those in their thirties. This changes to 29 percent for forty-year-olds, 23 percent for fifty-year-olds and 15 percent for the over 60s.

For people living in high-income households, 39 percent find it difficult to take a break from technology compared to 30 percent of those in low-income households who find it difficult.

Globally, China (43 percent) has the highest percentage of those who find it difficult to break from technology, followed by Brazil (42 percent), Argentina (40 percent), Mexico (38 percent) and the USA at fifth place (31 percent).

Germans lead in finding it easy (35 percent), followed by the Netherlands (30 percent), Belgium (28 percent) and Canada and Russia (both 27 percent).