A charmed day? #3


THE day was still sunny, the larks would still have been twittering, had there been any in the vicinity of Mora Oil’s car wash.

Henry was still parked within the wrong tramlines, to the annoyance and confusion of the machine, which had not been trained to deal with wrongly positioned cars. It knew what it should be doing, and was determined to do it, just as soon as I let go of the Emergency Stop button.

Suddenly the planet was devoid of human life – or at least devoid of human life which I could call to my assistance. Never has Mora Oil been so deserted.


Where was everybody? I was alone in the Universe, the only thing preventing the mutual destruction of my car and the car wash machine being my finger on the Emergency Stop button.

I resigned myself to spending the rest of my life pressing the button when a dark car appeared. In the car was a driver wearing a blue T-shirt. ‘Help!’ I bleated pathetically.

The driver emerged. I explained my predicament and transferred button-pressing responsibility to him. While I manoeuvred Henry he gave ‘Left hand down a bit’ instructions, and between us we managed to get vehicle and tramlines properly lined up.

He returned to his dark car – a man in a blue T shirt; but what I saw was a knight in shining armour mounting his snow white charger after rescuing a damsel in distress!

Next time I’ll be a lot more careful with my parking!

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