Calls to improve mental health services in Almeria


THE Independent Trade Union and Officers Centre, CSIF, has commemorated World Mental Health Day by demanding more significant attention to services provided toward treatment in Almeria.

The union has called attention to the scarcity of resources and staffing numbers in the health system which affects the provision of quality care for the prevention and treatment of mental illness.

For the union, mental health professionals “are the great architects of the magnificent service provided, beyond the difficulties of the scarcity of resources” with which they often have to deal with.

They have once more called on the Junta de Andalucia to recognise the shortage in nursing numbers. The union continues with its campaign to drive the recruitment of social workers who are vital to mental health care across the province.

Explicitly, the union is calling on the Junta to increase staffing in line with European comparisons and to reform legislation to protect staff who suffer mental health issues.

The union also wants to create a proactive campaign that eliminates the stigmatisation surrounding mental health and reinforces the importance of seeking medical help. They’ve emphasised the benefits of such an integrated approach, including reducing employee absence in tandem with legislation that protects their interests.