Gender violence not acceptable

MINUTE’S SILENCE: Held for the victim in Cuevas de Almanzora. Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Cuevas de Almanzora

THE Andalucian Women’s Institute (IAM) has expressed its most profound repulsion at the fatal attack on a woman by a man in the town of Cuevas de Almanzora.

The accusation, which is being probed as a gender violence incident, would raise the number of fatalities against women to eight in Andalucia so far this year (seven women and a minor).

It comes as residents of the town held a minute’s silence in memory of the 38-year-old victim, who was found dead with signs of violence in the home of a woman she worked for. Her husband was found hanged in the garden.

The IAM has activated the Crisis Psychological Support Service for Daughters and Sons of Women Fatal Victims of Gender Violence. The unique service in Spain that offers free and immediate psychological attention to children and relatives who face trauma because of the murder of a mother at the hands of the aggressor father.

IAM director Elena Ruiz said that minors are the direct victims of their aggressor parents, and as such they “should receive maximum protection”, as outlined in the State Pact against Violence Gender.

Ruiz has reiterated the need to ask for help in the face of any sign of ‘macho’ maltreatment. She reiterated that the victims and minors would have a whole network of care and integral recovery so that they can resume a life free of their aggressors and violence (Women’s Information Telephone 900 200 999 or Telephone 016).

Along with this, the IAM has warned that sexist aggressors are criminals and that, as such, they will be treated by the authorities with the full force of the law.