Green light for feminist provincial forum

UNITED: Gracia Fernandez and Francisca Serrano (centre). Photo credit: Junta de Andalucia

THE Andalucian Women’s Institute  has organised the first Feminist Provincial Forum, ‘FEMINISM with Capital Shapes’.

Professionals from different fields have debated the challenges of feminism, its scope of action or its role in the fight against gender violence.

The Andalucian Government representative, Gracia Fernández and the IAM provincial coordinator, Francisca Serrano, both made the case that “feminism is now more necessary than ever because although there has been significant progress, there are still many spaces in our society where women must continue to demand an equal space and equal participation.”

Gracia Fernández has pointed out that “feminism, which proclaims equality among all human beings and education in equality are the best weapons to combat gender violence because they undermine the prejudices on which it sits.”

Francisca Serrano stressed that “these meetings bring together more than a hundred people, belonging to women’s groups throughout the province, as well as professionals from the IAM and the local information centres for women, with the intention of discussing the main challenges that feminism has ahead in our province. ”

During the day, a round-table discussion was held on the new challenges of feminism, moderated by the IAM provincial coordinator and attended by members and key experts.