Indoor plants to purify the air


INCREASING levels of air pollution can be damaging to human health, but indoor plants can help purify the air.

Some plants grow especially well indoors and are able to absorb impurities in the air, through their leaves and destroy them via a natural process called “metabolic breakdown,” thus preventing pollution in the home according to’s plant expert Dr Wolverton.

The Spider plant is especially talented when it comes to removing poisonous gases and impurities including formaldehyde and xylene. This plant should be placed in the kitchen where levels of carbon monoxide are most likely to accumulate.


Aloe Vera, renowned for its antiseptic qualities, is also excellent at filtering toxic gases from the air we breathe.

Ferns can be placed throughout the home, but avoid already damp areas as the plant releases moisture into the air to combat and remove impurities.

Other plants to purify the air in your home include Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy, the Chinese Evergreen, Snake plant and the Peace Lily.

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