Mojácar… you’re gorgeous!

STUNNING: Mojacar Pueblo

MOJACAR has joined 57 municipalities across the country as being declared of the “The Most Beautiful Peoples of Spain”.

The municipality has celebrated the announcement, raising the official flag of the ‘Most Beautiful Villages in Spain’ and offering free visits to the newly opened House-Museum of the town.

The Mayor of Mojácar, Rosa María Cano, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism, Emmanuel Agüero and Lucas Mayo, Councilor for Relations with Foreigners, joined with locals and tourists at the ceremony.

Emmanuel Aguero proceeded to read an announcement in which he highlighted the work of the bestowing organisation as an “engine in the work of preserving the heritage, cultures and customs of the different peoples of Spain.”

“The Most Beautiful Peoples of Spain” association was created in 2011 with the aim of protecting the value the heritage and culture of the different municipalities across Spain. In particular, its work is fundamental in areas preferably rural and small towns.

In recent years, many municipalities across the country have warned of decreasing populations in part due to the challenges of employment and a decline in the number of small businesses.