October is Stoptober


TWENTY-EIGHT days is all it takes for a smoker to drastically improve their appearance.

Putting down the cigarettes for just 28 days produces instant benefits such as a whiter smile, feeling healthier and fresher breath.

It can be difficult to find the motivation to quit smoking when most of the health benefits take a long period of abstinence to come into effect. However, oral health is one area where results can be gained within a month, making Stoptober a fresh start to a fresh smile.

Smoking causes a decrease in blood flow to the oral tissue, which diminishes the body’s ability to fight off bacteria and increases the chance of gum disease. In fact, 64 per cent of gum disease cases come from smokers. Dr David Albert, professor at the Columbia University of Dental Medicine, explains.

“It is believed that the chemicals contained in tobacco interfere with the flow of blood to the gums. This leads to a slowdown in the healing process. It makes the treatment results less predictable and often unfavourable.”

However, other oral side effects are surprisingly easy to reverse. The yellowish hue often associated with frequent smokers can be radically reduced within weeks, meaning a glowing smile could be a smokers first reward by the end of Stoptober.

Dentist Dr Georgios Sotiropoulos said: “Using fluoride enriched toothpaste which contains diatomaceous earth is an excellent way to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Diatomaceous earth is a natural ingredient which increases cleaning power without lengthening your brushing routine and is particularly ideal for smokers looking to reverse years of tobacco stains.”

Over time, quitting smoking can reduce the risks of developing fatal diseases, but there are many instant results which are readily achievable. Although many smokers are daunted by the prospect of quitting, Stoptober provides the ideal time to achieve results worth smiling about.