Support appeal for Almeria teachers

CSIF: Spoke on World Teacher Day. Photo credit: Twitter/CSIF Almeria

THE Centre for the Independent Trade Union and Officials, CSIF, called on greater support for teachers in Almeria.

The union, speaking on World Teacher Day, said it was necessary for the education administrations across Spain to make sure teachers are appreciated as they are a fundamental group to society both economically and socially.

CSIF in Almeria expressed its support to the hundreds of Almerian teachers “who offer the best of themselves every day contributing their work to the improvement of our society.”

According to the union’s education wing, “the dedication and professionalism of the teaching staff are unquestionable, despite legislative uncertainties, lack of institutional and social support, more and more frequent interference in their work, job cuts and lack of respect and recognition for the work they do.”

World Teacher Day is held annually on October 5 and was established in 1994 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The motto for this year is: “Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers.”

CSIF has reiterated its opinion that “a society that does not recognize its teachers, that undervalues ​​them or anybody, is a society doomed to failure. Caring for teachers, supporting their work, is a behaviour of advanced nations, concerned about their development and well-being.

“In fact, the geography of world human and social development coincides with the countries that value their teachers the most, they are prosperous and generous societies, where the present and the future are lived with optimism and hope.”