Ten top home tips that may surprise

LEMON JUICE: Can be used as an underarm deodorant. Photo credit: Pixabay

PREPARE to be amazed with our ten top home tips!

Aluminium foil scrubs pots clean. No scourer? Use aluminium foil as a temporary replacement. Crumple a handful and scrub to polish stainless steel pots (foil may damage non-stick pots).

Cooking spray removes shower soap scum. Conventional cleaners don’t dissolve stubborn soap build-up on shower doors. Spray the glass with cooking spray and leave for 30 minutes. The oil slides between the glass and the soap scum, making it easy to wash. Wipe off with soapy water (or a wet sponge with a drop of dishwashing liquid).

Ammonia cleans the oven. For almost effortless oven cleaning, fill a bowl with ammonia and set it in an unheated oven overnight; remove the bowl the next day. The ammonia’s fumes will have loosened the gunk so you can wipe it off with a wet sponge or paper towel.

Pillowcases protect delicates. The washing machine can pull fragile jumpers and tights out of shape. Toss them in a pillowcase. Close the case with a rubber band, place in the drum and run the machine on a gentle setting.

Milk polishes leather. To clean patent leather (the glossy type used for belts, shoes and bags), dip a soft cotton cloth into milk. Gently buff the leather in circular motions to moisturise. The milk’s enzymes and fat soften and polish the leather. Buff again with a clean, dry cloth to remove remaining milk residue.

Sometimes, you just run out of something vital and no shops are open.  Try the following temporary substitutes…

Washing up liquid.  Shampoo (the plainer the better) will get the job done. Stick to using it in the sink or washing-up bowl as filling your dishwasher with shampoo may drown it in suds!

Deodorant. Lemon juice naturally deodorises by making your underarm too acidic for bacteria. Apply with a cotton ball.

All-purpose cleaning spray. To clean up marks, glue or paint from a table, spray a dollop of shaving cream on the surface and spread with a dry sponge. Leave for five to 15 minutes and wipe off with a damp sponge.

Shampoo. Sprinkle flour into your hair and shake throughout. The flour absorbs excess oils, leaving you with a fresh-looking mane.

Hand sanitiser. If you need to wash your hands while travelling but no bathroom is in sight, use antiseptic mouthwash. Put a few drops on your hands and rub like hand sanitiser. The mouthwash’s high alcohol content attacks bacteria and gives skin a minty fresh scent.