Traditional Spanish gardens


SPAIN has a long history of taking the influences of various cultures and incorporating them into its traditional Spanish garden.

The main inspirations have come from Moorish, Persian and Roman traditions and these gardens are havens of tranquility, beauty and coolness as they are based on the concept of long ponds set in a walled courtyard with paved areas and shady corners.

A cross, based on the main points of the compass  often divides the garden into four areas planted with fruit trees and fragrant plants whilst pergolas, and arbors provide places to escape the sun.

Naturally, to introduce such a garden into a private home requires a great deal of expense and patience, but elements, such as a fountain within a courtyard with a tiled seat would be relatively easy to construct.

For inspiration, there are so many traditional gardens open to the public and these can be found all over Spain, especially in the South from Jerez to Sevilla and Granada. Although far from traditional, the Gaudi-designed Artigas Gardens in Catalonia are also a perfect example of Spanish artistry and flair.