Film icon Sophia Loren set to return to Almeria

FILM STAR: Sophia Loren . Photo credit: Shutterstock

FILM star Sophia Loren is set to return to Almeria for the Almeria International Film Festival (FICAL).

The Provincial Diputación of Almeria has confirmed that the Italian film star will attend the Closing Gala and will receive the award ‘Almería Tierra de Cine’ from Provincial Diputación President Gabriel Amat.

It was in this province where Alberto Lattuada filmed ‘Bianco, rosso e…’ with Loren in one of her most famous starring roles. Loren will also receive her star on the Walk of Fame of the capital on Saturday, November 18, adding her name to prominent figures in the international film scene such as Omar Sharif, Ridley Scott, Denis O’Dell, Max Von Sidow, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Wayne, Catherine Deneuve and others.


President Amat expressed his pride in the worldwide status of the festival, saying: “It is a real privilege to include the name of Sophia Loren to the list of winners with the award ‘Almería Tierra de Cine’.

“Having Sophia Loren at the Festival is great news. A well-deserved tribute to one of the European actresses that has shone the most in the world of cinema and that we Almerians had the great privilege that part of their career is linked to our land. ”

The president also thanked all the people and organizations that are contributing to the Festival, now in its sixteenth year, and which continues to grow and be a national and international benchmark in the promotion of cinema. The Almeria International Film Festival will run from 12 to 18 November with filmmakers, professionals and actors in attendance.

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