Historical reenactment in Carboneras


CARBONERAS hosted a historical reenactment recently as part of their “Encounters with History” series.

The event, organised by the Provincial Government and the City Council, let residents and tourists travel back to the 16th century.

Attendees were able to enjoy everyday life in the San Andres Castle in 1570, getting to know firsthand the traditions, customs, dances, weapons and military outfits of the period. Additionally, attendees enjoyed various lectures, exhibitions and workshops on weapons, combat techniques, archery and fencing.

The Councillor of Culture, Ana María Moreno, stressed that “it was the first time Carboneras hosted an activity of this character and thanked the Council for thinking of the town to carry it out”.

She also highlighted “the excellent response from residents and tourists” and an excellent way to conclude the year ahead of a season of  Christmas concerts, carols, children’s activities and a visit from Santa Claus in December.