Paper receipts are a thing of the past in Almeria


THE Provincial Council of Almeria will save using 80 tonnes of paper with the introduction of its electronic communication programme to replace traditional receipts.

The Finance Deputy, Manuel Alias, has announced that the Provincial Institution has launched a campaign to update the personal data of taxpayers in 84 municipalities, with the aim of definitively updating the service on January 1 with electronic communications.

Alias has highlighted that with this initiative taxpayers will be able to receive all communications about municipal receipts to their email account or on their mobile phone through SMS technology.

“This measure has only advantages: we bring the administration closer to the citizen, we improve communication by making available all possible electronic… and, also, we improve the environment by eliminating up to 80 tonnes of paper”, he detailed.

The Provincial deputy of the Treasury has invited Almerians to inform to clarify any further information by calling 950 211 211 or at