Police in Spain arrest alleged international drug trafficker

DETAINED: The man was arrested by Spanish National Police in Huercal Overa

NATIONAL POLICE have arrested man in who is allegedly a member of an international organisation responsible for trafficking drugs between Spain and Luxembourg.

Police arrested the man in Huercal Overa after French police had issued a European Order of Detention and Delivery in late September.

According to reports, the man was allegedly in charge of organising drug transfers by road as well as hiding the goods in vehicles and also hiring the drivers to traffic the drugs.

The man’s crimes reportedly date back to December, 2015 when French police found more than 340 kilos of hashish resin inside a fuel tanker in the French city of Loisy.

The two drivers of the vehicle, which had Spanish plates, allegedly told police that they had been hired by the arrested individual to travel from Junquera to Luxembourg.

The man could face up to 30 years in prison if found guilty.