Almeria mayor surprises resident for 93rd birthday


ONE of Almeria’s eldest residents had a surprise birthday visit from city mayor Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco.

The mayor went to see Presentacion Hernandez at her home to take part in her 93rd birthday celebrations. He joined her four children, nine grandchildren, and great-granddaughter Ana on the big day.

The main reason for the visit was to draw attention to Almeria’s home help programme, which benefits 1,349 senior citizens across the city.

A small army of 540 care workers, the vast majority women, spend a combined 52,000 hours a month helping local seniors with cooking, cleaning and other household tasks. At 93, Presentacion Hernandez is one of the oldest beneficiaries of the service.

The goal is to show that living independently in their own home but with a little help is a viable option for people.