Getting Mojacar involved in triathlons


A BRITISH expat has issued a rallying call to get more people in Mojacar involved in triathlons.

Motivational full-time triathlete, Kevin Rowe, aged 61, has been involved in triathlons for the best part of 40 years.

The Norwich-born triathlete has recently moved to Mojacar and was inspired by the local landscape, cherry-picking it as the ideal setting for his new triathlon project.

He told the EURONews247: “I’ve been involved in triathlons since the late 80’s and have been thinking of doing this sort of thing for years.

“We’d love to make Mojacar the Mecca of triathlons.”

The aim is to create a focal point in Mojacar, where not only triathletes, but all athletes, can come together for training, shared sporting experiences and to participate in community-building local athletic events.

Rowe added: “It is such a beautiful place so hopefully people will come from all over the country and world to the area.”

Alongside this venture, Mr Rowe is also hoping to bring into fruition a carefully measured out sea-swim distance from the beach into the sea, with the help of the local council. This would provide those sporting enthusiasts wishing to participate in a more serious keep fit regimes, such as long-distance swimming or Iron Man training, the best possible opportunity to do so.

Rowe added: “It’s a long-term project, it’s not going to happen over-night.

“The idea is something that we have to build slowly but is definitely something that can be great in the future.

“Anyone is welcome, from beginners to the more experienced any body, shape, age, gender, size it doesn’t matter; just come along and give it a go.”

Anyone interested in supporting and joining the exciting endeavour, please contact Kevin Rowe at iron