Smart tips to add value to your home


WITH a little bit of energy and investment you can add thousands of euros to the value of your home by simply implementing a few choice tweaks that will have you laughing all the way to the bank later, whilst giving you something to enjoy in the interim.

Spend a little on replacing your entrance door and you will immediately transform the first impressions of buyers.

Custom doors boasting carved designs go a long way to creating an aura of elegance and luxury that will immediately lighten the mood while making the whole house exude wealth and sophistication.

If you have outside space another handy trick is to install a small wooden deck, which won’t cost much but will lend a welcoming air to the terrace and show off the property’s potential.

Other simple tweaks include modernising the kitchen and bathroom, with tiling and lighting among the easiest features to quickly alter for an upcoming sale.

The best thing about implementing these small changes is that you get to enjoy the benefits while waiting for those increased offers to come rolling in.