A second chance for sexual crime victims

TAKING A STEP FORWARD: Mayor Ramon Fernandez Pacheco and Rafaela Abad congratulate the women.

MAYOR of Almeria Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco has congratulated 48 victims of sexual crimes after they completed a number of different training courses.

The 48 women, who have all been victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation or sexual violence, were trained in different courses organised by the city of Almeria and the Association for Prevention, Reintegration and Attention Prostituted Women (APRAMP).

For the past three months, the women, who received their diplomas this week, have been training as floor maids, kitchen assistants, care givers and jobs in cleaning and maintenance.

The mayor, alongside councillor for Family and Equal opportunities, Rafaela Abad, congratulated the brave women for taking ‘a step forward’ but also praised APRAMP who continue to empower victims of sexual crimes through their training courses.