Game on: Vote opens for Monopoly España


POPULAR board gaming brand Hasbro has opened voting for Monopoly España The process was announced at last week’s International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Madrid and will see towns and provincial capitals battle it out for a place on the board.

Voting has now opened to fill the 22 spaces on the board with the most votes getting the best spaces.

Municipalities will fight for the title to hold the two brown spaces at the very beginning of the board, while ‘cities’ will take up the rest of the board.

In the 2009 edition, the winning towns were Parla and Cebolla after they received 40,000 votes in total. At the time of writing, San Fernando in Cadiz and Alcobendas in Madrid currently take up the ‘top spots’ known as Mayfair and Park Lane on the original board.

Voting will remain open until World Monopoly Day on March 17 at http:www.votamonopolyespañ .