MIGRANT CRISIS: More African migrants rescued off coast of Almeria

CRISIS: Several boats carrying migrants have been found in recent weeks ©Wikimedia

THE Salvamento Maritimo has rescued a total of 23 people off of the coast of Almeria.

News first broke that 18 people, 17 men and one woman, were found approximately 33 miles off the coast of the Cabo de Gata yesterday (Tuesday) evening.

The boat, which was carrying all Algerians who were allegedly found in a good condition, was reportedly located by an SAR ‘rescue’ plane and a Helimer 207 helicopter.

According to Spanish media, they were shortly picked up by the Maritimo’s ‘Salvamar Spica’ boat and on their way to the Port of Almeria, the boat was able to locate another vessel with a further five people onboard.

The 23 people were then transferred to the port of Almeria, where they were reportedly assisted by Red Cross volunteers before being handed over to National Police

The news comes after 71 people were rescued from the Alboran Sea earlier in the week.

Two boats, believed to have sailed from Morocco, were found in the Alboran Sea, with 34 people rescued from the first, while a further 33 people were later rescued from a fishing boat after it sank.

Four people were also saved from the sea in the rescue mission, with two people reportedly dying when the fishing boat sank.