Off duty officer rescues injured elderly man in Almeria

HERO: The off-duty officer found the man injured at his home in Zurgena ©Guardia Civil

AN OFF-DUTY Guardia Civil officer has rescued an 80-year-old man after he suffered a traumatic fall at home.

The incident occurred in Zurgena, when neighbours and friends of the elderly man informed the officer that he had not been seen for a number of days and his vehicle had remained at outside his house.

They had also reportedly tried knocking on his door several times, as well as also calling his home and mobile numbers but to no avail.

After being informed, the off-duty officer allegedly gained access to the man’s back garden via a ladder where he saw that the back door was left open.

After entering the property, the officer reportedly found the man lying on his back in the dining room, complaining of a severe pain in his back.

The man claimed that he had fallen the afternoon before and had suffered an injury to his back, leaving him in serious pain and unable to get up or reach his phones.

He has since been transferred to the Hospital La Inmaculada in Huercal Overa for treatment.