Police ‘hunt’ comes to end as young man accused of raiding farms arrested

CAUGHT: The man suspected of at least 17 robberies has finally been arrested after ‘a hunt’

GUARDIA Civil officers have arrested a young man accused of committing at least 17 robberies with force from estates across the Almeria Province in La Mojonera.

Police have been ‘on the hunt’ for the young man since he was reportedly caught with another individual in December and allegedly injured two agents with a knife while fleeing.

Investigations began in September, after several robberies and various assaults committed throughout Almeria Province.

Robberies in towns such as El Ejido, Roquetas de Mar, Vicar, La Mojonera, Las Norias de Daza and San Agustin all reportedly occurred in similar ways, at night robbing specific locations including greenhouses, tool stores and irrigation engine sheds which led police to the trail of two people.

Police were then warned of a robbery taking place in the Ejidal neighbourhood of San Agustin and when police arrived at the scene they were allegedly confronted by two individuals incise a warehouse.

The two fled on foot after throwing the alleged stolen items on the ground and when officers allegedly caught up to the pair, they kicked and punched in retaliation while one was arrested the other managed to escape after allegedly brandishing a large knife.

And officers have now identified the other suspect from the evening and arrested him, charged with at least 17 robberies across the province.