Two arrested in Almeria after New Year’s Eve rooftop chase

CHASE: Police were forced to chase one of the suspects over several roofs in Huercal de Almeria

THE Guardia Civil has arrested two people in Huercal de Almeria after they allegedly broke into a house on New Year’s Eve and fled over rooftops.

Officers were called shortly after midnight during New Year celebrations after a neighbour reported they had witnessed a burglary at a house in Huercal de Almeria.

After arriving on the scene, officers reportedly found one of the windows to the house was broken and a suspicious hooded man was found close by.

The man then reportedly attempted to flee by running across the roofs of the housing in the area, before being cornered on a final house by officers both on the roof and the ground.

A second suspect was reportedly found hiding close to the scene and was later apprehended.

Police later found a backpack on one of the rooftops containing several items believed to have been stolen from the property.

The two, aged 30 and 36, have now been arrested accused of the crime of burglary.