URGENT: Ten puppies needing homes in Almeria


Do you have a forever or foster home to offer one of these ten beautiful puppies brought to the PAWS-PATAS shelter?

TEN puppies, approximately 8 weeks old, were brought to the gates of the PAWS-PATAS shelter on Saturday afternoon Dec 30th by two very concerned and caring Spanish gentlemen, who had found them and didn’t know what to do with them.

As the PAWS-PATA kennels are still reeling from the deadly Parvo outbreak which claimed the lives of four of the resident puppies a few months ago, they could not take them in because to do so would have put the lives of these little ones in certain danger too.

ABANDONED: The puppies have survived abandonment over the holiday period

After many hours ringing around to find shelter, temporary respite and vet care, all to no avail, three volunteers of the PAWS-PATA Cattery (aka Kats) came up with a plan to keep the little ones safe until after the holiday weekend.

The Kats volunteers remain committed to rotate on day shifts to care for the pups until they could be checked over by a vet and longer term foster care and permanent homes could be found.

The vet has now made two house calls and provided many tests, all of which were negative for serious and life threatening illnesses.

They have all been wormed and are awaiting vaccinations. The Kats have been rallying around the puppies feeding and trying to keep them clean and at the same time, whilst the puppies cannot be taken into the kennels, PAWS-PATAS are covering vets and food bills for the care of the puppies.

What the group needs now are people to come forward and provide longer term foster care until at least the end of March or permanent adoption.

The vet bills and coordination of veterinary care will be co-ordinated by the PAWS-PATAS kennels and will continue to be paid during that time by PAWS-PATAS.

There are seven boys and three girls and all the puppies have been named after Star Wars characters. was definitely with these little guys and gals as they survived their abandonment over a holiday period when hardly anyone was available to help.

The charity has also set up a Force Puppy Fund to help with costs to PAWS-PATAS which is a charity itself and relies entirely on private donations.

If anyone can help in any way and particularly by offering foster care, permanent adoption or have donations to offer, please contact Kim Froggatt by email at kimlette7@hotmail.com or dogs@paws-patas.org